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  This program enables you to display and manage images on a virtual album on a virtual Bookshelf. You can browse the images by flipping album pages just like a real one. The image files are displayed as thumbnails and you can add texts as well as sounds to each image: a perfect way to save unforgettable memories! When you click on a thumbnail, you can view the image in the actual size. You can also set the number of images you wish to have on a single page or set the size of thumbnails.Simply drag-and-drop a folder of images on the Bookshelf to instantly create a new album, or add images to an album directly from a media device such as a memory card. Your albums will be stored in a Bookshelf and will be managed in a user friendly manner.
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[ November 22, 2002 ]
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    GAZO9 Provides
    Automatic launch systems that allow you to import and create Albums just by plugging your digicam to your PC. It has the ability to read and export most image formats. Creative slideshows with effects and BGM. Slideshows can even be made into screen savers.It offers printing functions that allow you to print images as a catalog. Web page export functions allow you to share your albums. Search for an image by text, date, or identical images. Full image editing functions allow you to flip, rotate, and crop images. Automatic Image Enchancement refreshes your images. Album viewer export functions will publish your albums for friends and family.